Illness or Injury-Readjusting Your Training Plan

As I was reminded this weekend, eventually we all have out training and racing schedules interrupted by injuries or illness.  How you readjust your training plan is dependent on how long you are off the bike.

If you just miss a few days then continue on with your scheduled plan with no adjustments.  Just pick up with that day’s scheduled workout.  DO NOT try to cram in the missed workouts!  This can cause a relapse of your sickness or injury.

If you miss 4 to 7 days then you will need to readjust your next two week’s workouts.  You will not be able to make up all of workouts by any means.  Concentrate on fitting in the important ones that are most crucial to your next peak race.  Make sure to still schedule in recovery days!

If you miss 1 or two weeks then you will have to go back 1 training cycle and repeat that.  Somewhere before your next peak race you will need to adjust your plan by cutting out 2 weeks.  If you miss more than 2 weeks then you should go back to Base 2 or 3.  This will most likely necessitate a readjustment of your annual training plan and peak races.

Try to keep up your morale during all this.  Injury and sickness are part of the game.  No one is immune so just make the best of it!

Larry Towner is a USAC Certified Cycling Coach providing NJ Cycling Coaching services in NJ.