Meet Larry Towner: Your Personal Cycling Coach

A USA Cycling Certified Coach Ready To Help You Achieve Your Goals

meet cycling coach larry towner

My cycling career has spanned over four decades.  From a nationally ranked junior to elite Category 1 road and track to expert mountain bike to elite masters racer my enthusiasm and love of the sport has remained strong through the years.  My experience has helped me to develop an extensive knowledge of practical training theory along with the tactical and mental side of racing.  I have backed this up with numerous seminars and continuing education units. I am a USA Cycling Certified and have completed the USAC Power Based Training Clinic.

During my cycling career I have won over a dozen NJ State Championships in road, time trial, track, MTB, and cyclocross.  I have won the Garden State Cycling Cup four times and have several top 10 places in national championship events.

Like most of us, I am not a naturally gifted athlete and do not excel in any one facet of the sport.  While a fortunate few of us can claim to be the best at sprinting, climbing or time trialing and be guaranteed wins every year because of that talent, the rest of us have to find other ways to get their wins.  I am a true all-rounder-pretty good at everything but not the best at any one of them.   However, there is one area that I do excel at-aggressiveness and tactical awareness.  I can honestly say that there are few people that I race with that are better at getting into the winning breakaways.

My racing philosophy is that it’s better to get one win than ten fifth places.  Nothing in bike racing compares to crossing the line first. If you can consistently get into the breaks you will get wins.  This is what my training programs are all about.  Develop the basic fitness, train the specific physical systems required to excel, and impart the mental and tactical skills that win races.

I love to perform well and win races and get incredible satisfaction when I do.  I get an even greater satisfaction seeing my athletes reach their goals