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A Highly Personalized Approach to Training Cyclists.

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My coaching plans are highly personalized and hands-on.  Training, racing and daily life are dynamic.  A cookie cutter training template will never return the best results.  Furthermore, once a training plan is in place allowances must be made to adapt to changes.

I concentrate my coaching in New Jersey and Arizona areas.  Most of the athletes that I coach are people that I know personally through years of racing.  They are not random internet driven names given programs based on limited personal interaction.  This allows me to truly work one on one with the client.  My annual plans are flexible and each week I write up workouts based on previous weeks training results.  I take into account how the athlete is responding to training loads, upcoming races, their general state of health, and even the upcoming weather patterns.

I am always open to communication.  Whether it is reviewing past and future training, discussing race tactics, equipment choice, etc, I am always available.  Every athlete is unique, with unique abilities, goals, and personal lives.  My goal is always to take all of this into consideration and generate a training plan that will work best for you as an individual.

The coaching plan begins with a consultation where we will discuss your history and your specific racing goals.  We will determine your strengths and weaknesses and from there, based on your available training hours, come up with an annual training plan.  From this we develop the weekly schedules.

You will be given a testing protocol to help to determine your threshold power and/or heart rate.  I use these  numbers to write workouts specific to the individual athlete. Your workout are delivered to you using TrainingPeak’s online service.  You will also use TrainingPeaks to upload your completed training files.

Along with regular communication and review meetings, I hold periodic training sessions for ProPower athletes.  I love to get out and ride with my clients!