New Years Resolutions

2013 is here!  Have you made any resolutions to help make this the year you make a big step forward in cycling results?  Here are a few suggestions:

1. Get a coach!  OK, that may be a bit self-serving on my part.  But having a coach will help you to get  your training on the right track and provide structure and motivation.  For self-coached cyclists see # 2.

2. Make yourself a training plan.  Look at your race schedule and plan your training cycles are them.  Write down your goals and your yearly training outline.  Random training will result in random results.  While it’s fine to just go out and ride from time to time most of your training rides should have a specific purpose in mind.  Also, if you do have a plan that you have been using and it has not returned the results that you want then it’s time to rethink it and change it.

3. Eat better!  a more nutritious diet will allow your body to work better and loose weight.  An guaranteed performance gain.

4. Get a power meter.  This is the best equipment bang for your dollar in terms of performance gains.

5. Try a few new races this year.  I always make a point to do some races each year that I haven’t done before.  I think a lot of racers get into a rut doing the same events year after year.  I always enjoy racing a new course and against new people.

6. Do a race or 2 outside your comforts zone.  Try a time trail if you have never done one.  If you are a crit racer tray a rolling to hilly road race or vice-versa.

This is a short list.  Feel free to post your own resolutions and make 2013 a banner year!