Recovery Tips for Two Races in One Day

Many of us are doing the Giro del Cielo stage race this weekend.  The first day has split stages, with a time trial in the morning and a circuit race in the afternoon.  Here are a few tips to help you recover between the races.  This would also apply to days where you double up races at crits or are doing 2 workouts in one day.

Studies have shown that a very easy, 20 minute warm down ride is the most effective way to go.  As soon as possible after the first race, get out on a flat road or on the trainer and pedal in zone 1.  If it’s cold make sure to put on some additional clothing right away. This is a good time to start refueling.  Have a recovery drink ready to go and finish that off while doing your warm down.

Once finished clean up, have some solid food (if time allows), and get comfortable as soon as you can.  Compression socks may help here.  Studies on their effectiveness have had mixed results, but I feel that they certainly won’t hurt your recovery.  If there is a long time between the races, like in the Giro, change into dry street clothes.  Bring along a confortable folding chair and try to stay off your feet as much as possible.

Plan ahead so that your down time is as stressless as possible.  Remamber, small details can add up!  Thanks for reading, and fell free to contact me at with any questions.