Power and Heart Rate Zones

Last week’s post detailed how to determine your threshold power and heart rate.  You can calculate your own training zones by using the following guidelines:

Heart Rate Zones:

Zone 1 = Recovery (<68% of FTHR)

Zone 2 = Endurance (69-83% of FTHR)

Zone 3 = Tempo (84-94% of FTHR)

Zone 4 = Threshold ( 95-105% of FTHR)

Zone 5 = V02max (>106% of FTHR)

Zone 6 = Anaerobic capacity (Too short to record HR)

Zone 7= Neuromuscular Power (Too short to record HR)

Power Zones:

Zone 1 = Recovery (<55% of FTP)

Zone 2 = Endurance (56-75% of FTP)

Zone 3 = Tempo (76-90% of FTP)

Zone 4 = Threshold ( 91-105% of FTP)

Zone 5 = V02max (106-120% of FTP

Zone 6 = Anaerobic Capacity(121-150% of FTP)

Zone 6 = Neuromuscular Power (NA)

Once you have your zones calculated you have the basis for what heart rate or power zone you should be in for any particular type of training effort.  Apply your zones to your own workouts or any other training plan that you may use.  This will take the guesswork out of your riding and allow you to maximize your training time.

For information on my training plans go to https://www.propowercoaching.com/coaching-plans/.  Thanks for reading!